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Hey ghouls, the Wiki's here! All you need to know about the ghoul boys and their adventures in attempting to investigate unsolved mysteries.

What is BuzzFeed Unsolved?Edit

BuzzFeed Unsolved is a BuzzFeed educational documentary entertainment series hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. Together they investigate paranormal activity on their show BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural and explore unsolved mysteries on BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime. They also have their own channel called the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network (or, BUN)!

Where can I view a playlist of the episodes? Edit

Right here is the official one on YouTube! Unfortunately, it's inaccurate, so YouTube user lux et veritas has created a chronological playlist of all the BFU episodes that you can access here!

On the wiki, you can access the True Crime episode table here (along with links to episode article pages), and the same for Supernatural here! You can access a list of bonus episodes and specials here!

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Are you looking to write an article? Please click here for a template and instructions on how to do so!

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